What is Prospology and how did it come about?

Sophie Ash

The founder of Prospology

Sophie Ash founded Prospology in 2018, following an intense journey of self-discovery and careers exploration.

Sophie always knew she had loads of potential. She worked extremely hard and was fully dedicated to everything she did. But, she could never bring herself to choose a specific career path and stick with it. She would throw herself into something and then, a few months or years later, get bored or frustrated and move onto something else. She felt like something was wrong with her, and kept desperately trying to find a career path that was a good fit, to no avail.


Prosperous + ology = Prospology

Since emigrating to Canada in 2016, Sophie has spent countless hours studying personality type, conducting informational interviews, and exploring various career industries – making tons of connections along the way. As Sophie strengthened her own self-awareness, she realized that being fulfilled and successful in your career is all about being your full self and unapologetically pursuing your passions with purpose, direction, and determination.

For Sophie, this manifests in many ways. One of these ways is teaching and coaching people in Prospology: the study of becoming prosperous.


What are Sophie’s super powers?



Sophie lives her life with extreme purpose, manifesting everything that she desires, and inspiring those around her to do the same.


Sophie sees the potential in people. She understands and connects with everyone she meets, helping them clarify their goals.


Sophie excels at all forms of communication: from coaching calls, to workshops, to podcast episodes. She loves it all!


Sophie is always brimming with ideas, insights, and resources to share. Improving people’s lives is her biggest drive in life.

Things you should know


What is it like to work with Sophie?

Sophie is extremely structured and fast-paced in the way that she works. She narrows down on people’s desires and sets tangible goals very quickly. As soon as it’s clear what a client wants to achieve, Sophie immediately starts filtering through all of the options to pinpoint the clear “next step” actions necessary to achieve those goals.

Sophie expects maximum commitment and dedication from all of her clients. She brings her whole self to her businesses – generously sharing relevant personal stories and key learning experiences to encourage maximum growth and development in her clients.


Are there other careers coaches at Prospology?

Our most extensive, ‘Premium’ careers coaching package includes more specialist psychometric testing, as well as an additional 60 minute coaching session with Emdad Khan, and a professional report.

Emdad is a qualified Business Psychologist with Hogan Accreditation and PRINCE2 Practitioner status. He practices from the United Kingdom, whilst training to become a Psychology teacher.

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