How much are you ready to invest in yourself?

All our coaching packages are geared towards helping you figure out the next steps to take in your career. Our aim is that you’ll end your program feeling much clearer on who you are, what you want, and how to get it.
We’ll help to remove question marks around the suitability of your current role. We’ll explore the suitability of future career path options with you. And, in our most comprehensive packages, we’ll even make valuable industry connections and help you customize your job search to suit your personality type.
If you need help choosing the right package for you, book a free careers discovery session. We’ll be glad to help you out.


  • A 60 minute coaching call
  • Guided self-discovery
  • Identifying barriers
  • Goal-setting
  • Useful resources
  • Initial next step recommendations

PRO (Most Popular)

Everything in the BASIC package, plus:
  • Additional 60 minute coaching call
  • Psychometric assessment of strengths, motivators & interests
  • Valuable industry connections
  • A professional summary report


Everything in the PRO package, plus:
  • Occupational Psychologist input
  • Additional 60 min coaching call
  • More extensive psychometric testing
  • Careers blueprint worksheet
  • 2 months job hunting support

What primary psychometric test do we use in our Premium package?

In this 30 minute video, the founder of Prospology conducts an interview about the primary test that we use to help our Premium coaching clients.
We highly recommend that you give this a watch if you’re considering which package is the best fit for your needs, or if you have already purchased our Premium package and are about to get started.

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